A Story on how the Cacophony of Federal and State Governments Drove Germany into Chaos.

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Helen Clark, Co-Chair of Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response, concluded:

“Despite years of warning of pandemic risk, many countries just weren’t adequately prepared for an event of this kind.”

A few governments though had listened to the warnings of scientists and followed the recommendations of how to prepare for such an event. …

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It’s now more than a year that we all, all nations, are fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. It turned out to be by a magnitude more dangerous than first imagined. And there is still no end in sight.

People, often desperately, are asking when we will be back to normal, back to our normal lives like before the pandemic. Unfortunately this so-called ‘normal life’ from…

- Being a Player in Geopolitics or a Bystander -

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The European Union seems to be ill prepared for any result, even though the hope was that Joe Biden would win. The tone might certainly change and become friendlier, the key issues will remain the same.

Germany, which is…

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- The choice is between being crushed by three authoritarian superpowers and remaining a free, democratic, and self-determined society -


In less than five weeks on 11/3 the US Presidential elections take place and, which in my opinion is highly likely, Donald J. Trump remains in power one way or…

- An Excruciating Truth -

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It seems inconceivable that a self proclaimed intelligent species would do everything in its power to eradicate itself. Yet, that is happening right now as we speak. Despite all the warnings. And for some of our political impersonators, all men by the way, the end might not come soon enough. …

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Opening Statement


It’s happening much faster than anticipated in the worst case scenarios.

More than 28 trillion tons of ice have melted during the last 30 years on our planet. And scientists concluded that there is only little doubt that this can be attributed to global warming. Sea level rise could reach one meter at the end of this century.

The scientists, as stated in the article above embedded, also warn -

that the melting of ice in these quantities is now seriously reducing the planet’s ability to reflect solar…

- NATO and EU at the Crossroads -

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Short answer: No. Definitely not with this lack of leadership.

After a bit more than 3 ½ years of Donald Trump as President of the US, enabled unconditionally by the GOP, every bit of trust in the US got destroyed. Ad infinitum.

Hence, it’s no longer guaranteed that the US will honor the NATO defense commitment. Or honor any agreement ever signed. …

- How Old Men put Survival of Mankind in Jeopardy -

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I know, you won’t like that. Yet, we must acknowledge reality and stop living in a fantasy world. Hence, critical thinking is required. Facing reality is often painful. Therefore, continue reading at your own risk.

So, what…

… Once upon a time not so distant in the past …

People hugging each other and wishing everyone a happy new year. New year’s resolutions and plans each one had for the new year were shared. Happy crowds in the metropolises of the world celebrating. What could be wrong?

Everybody celebrated?

Nope. Just the fortunate ones. The minority. Definitely not those living through wars inflicted on them by others. Hunkering down in shelters…

- Confronting the Threat of Chinese Aggression -

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Don’t be so overly impressed by glittery facades. Instead, have a thorough look behind the curtain.


That gave them time to quietly pursue their long term strategic goals. Building up their military and continuing with the development of ever more sophisticated weaponry went on at an accelerated speed. So did the bullying of their neighbors in the South China Sea…

Walter H Groth

Corporate Culture Consultant and Leadership Coach & Trainer | Climate Activist

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