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For quite a while the Governments of Hungary and Poland have been working relentlessly to abolish democracy in their respective countries and establish autocratic dictatorships.

And now they are working on undermining Europe’s democratic values.

The people in these countries don’t want that, at least not the majority. However, the…

Or why we are unable to move on from status quo and stop global warming

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Our political leaders, political impersonators, are demonstrating by the day their unwillingness to do what’s required. No expertise, no integrity, no trustworthiness? Can’t get a real job? No problem. You can still ru(i)n the country.

Hence, it is our political impersonators who are to blame, right? Well, not quite. At…

Why is that?

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Didn’t you ask yourself already too why there is so much political inaction regarding the climate catastrophe? For about 50 years we are warned that the shit will hit the fan if we don’t do what’s required. And now it happened.

Due to the catastrophes, the raging fires, the destructive…

Walter H Groth

Corporate Culture Consultant and Leadership Coach & Trainer | Climate Activist | Top Writer in Climate Change and Leadership

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